How to introduce a new dog bed to your dog?

A new bed may look like a big toy or alien that your dog wants to chew or run away from. Here are some tips to helping your dog understand how to use her new bed! 

  • Scent it
    Put your dog's blanket on the bed so that it smells like it belongs to her. Or, make it smell like home by placing her favourite hooman's old t-shirt on it. Your dog will more likely lie on the bed if no one is home.

  • Introduce when your pet is calm and relaxed
    You want your dog to associate the bed as a place to rest in so it is best to introduce when she is calm and relaxed. If introduced in an excited state of mind, a boop bed may probably look like a giant donut waiting to chewed up. It's all in the mind!

  • Guide your pet to lay on the bed
    The raised design that gives your dog added comfort may be unfamiliar to your dog. A trick will be to guide her to lie on it with a treat or toy (whichever makes them less excited) and pet her until she is lying on it.

  • Prevent chewing
    Give her a treat or toy if she tries to chew the bed, and firmly tell her "No". Over time, she will learn that the bed is not to be chewed.

  • Compliment them
    Dogs love to be praised (although some say it is closely related to getting a treat after) so shower her with all the compliments if she gets it all right. You can also snuggle with her by her new boop bed to reinforce that positive experience. 


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